Hello, we are Cuttings. We’re a twitching, noisy riot, and our songs jump around a lot from one thing to the next.

There’s four of us, our average age is a closely guarded secret, and we’re inspired by the weirder side of 90’s and 00’s Alt and Post-Rock, Tortoise, Boards of Canada, and a lot of other things which don’t really sound like us.

Here are some things we think:

  • We like post-rock but but think a lot of post-rock bands let their songs get too long.
  • We like effects pedals but don’t want our tunes to hide behind a mountainous pedal board.
  • We like intricate guitar playing but think that ‘lead guitar’ isn’t as interesting as two complex guitar lines weaving in and out of each other.
  • We like unusual shifts in time signatures but don’t hop about on stage playing the flute.

We were in some other bands before. You probably haven’t heard of them but please take that as evidence that we have at least had some practice at this.