INTERROBANG?! is a land of exclamation and question making and all the nuances in between.

Beth Cochrane is the co-producer and question mark at Edinburgh’s newest spoken word night, Interrobang – a democratic spoken word night for both new and established writers. She has been published in a handful of journals, is the winner of the Sloan Prize 2015, and performed at the Edinburgh International Book Festival this year as part of the Story Shop programme. Since graduating in with an MSc in Creative Writing in 2015 she has been puzzling her way through a first novel.

Ricky Monahan Brown is co-producer and curator of Interrobang. His story Valhalla will feature in Freight Books’ forthcoming collection, Umbrellas of Edinburgh. Ricky’s short fiction has been published in many magazines and journals, recently including The Dublin Inquirer and Brain of Forgetting. A haemorrhagic stroke survivor and a recovering lawyer, he has also written non-fiction for Brain Injury Journey.

Ricky has performed with his band Nerd Bait at the Edinburgh International Book Festival and the Edinburgh International Science Festival, alongside the Illicit Ink collective.

Grassmarket Community Project

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