The Oxjam Edinburgh Takeover 2016 are all dedicated volunteers giving their free time to raising life changing amounts of money.

Takeover Manager – Karl Wood @karlmwood
From Oxfam Shop Manager to Takeover Leader, Karl is making his big break on the Edinburgh scene. Passionate about events and social equality, Karl also freelances with Kelburn Events and Hidden Door.


Productions Coordinator – Lawrence Murphy
Lawrence joined the Oxjam Edinburgh Takeover team with experience in music festival organisation whilst at university. He is keen to employ his skills in events to a worthy charitable cause.


DSC00107Productions Coordinator – Alastair Chivers @DTHPDL
Alastair is a creative and professional individual with a background in music releases, promotion and events. With experience in journalism as well as volunteer work for charities and arts organisations, he will be completing a Masters in Publishing later this year.



Productions Assistant – Erin Gleeson
Erin is a History of Art & English Literature student wih an interest in fundrasing and the arts. She has been on the committee for the Edinburgh Student Arts Festival, and has worked with Hidden Door, the British Art Show, and the Edinburgh International Film Festival


Marketing Coordinator – Becca Inglis @becca_inglis
Becca has been busy marketing books, feminism, and theatre productions in Edinburgh, and is now excited to be going back to her live music roots. She previously worked on the grassroots student-run festival in Birmingham, ValeFest.


Josefina MataPR Coordinator – Josefina Mata Santiveri @finch244
With a background in arts, festival and cultural management, Josefina is passionate about life and ending injustice around the globe. She joined Oxjam Edinburgh Takeover to combine her love for music and fighting for all those who don’t have a say.


Graphic Designer – Chris Red @ChrisRedism
Designer, drummer, photographer, barista… Red is a jack-of-all-trades and a connoisseur of good music taste. She has joined Oxjam Edinburgh Takeover to design our promo materials and do her bit for eradicating poverty.



Volunteer Coordinator – Emra Baker
While in university Emra discovered her passion for events and music. She is excited to be working towards a great cause as well as gaining valuable experience.